Recycled crafts:  recycled magazine bowl

Blow up a balloon. Cut strips of magazines, fold in half. Roll up and glue to balloon. When all dry, pop balloon. idea via

Paper art

Add color to a room with a vase made from recycled magazines. From 10 Thousand Villiages.

Picture of How to Make a Magazine Bowl and Coasters

How to Make a Magazine Bowl and Coasters

Magazine Bowls ∙ Version by Guri R. on Cut Out + Keep

Based on Magazine Bowls by SarahPOOF.

Magazine Bowls – Part of the 2014 Young Adult Summer Reading Program! Create your own bowl to keep, using magazines. Registration in advance is required at some locations. Contact your library to find out if you need to register before attending.

Author: Sangeetha Murali There is no doubt we are living in a country filled with garbage. Currently, India produces about million tons of municipal solid waste every day, which sums up to abou…

Coiled dish made from magazines.

Coiled magazine dish with lid action

Coiled Magazine Page Dish With Lid - A have a stack of old magazines and a unch of project ideas for something like this.mmmmmm i-want-to-make-this-diy-crafts-art-projects-more

Magazine Bowl...I tried doing this a long time ago...not a craft to do with little kids around, unless you have a craft room with a door! But I still love this idea...

magazine bowl - I have a pile in my bathroom that will be (someday) transformed to this beautiful bowl.(when my kids move out of the house).