Life cycle of the human malaria parasite. Image credit: Le Roch Lab, UC Riverside.

Plasmodium parasites sickened more than 200 million people globally in 2010 and killed about Scientists discover chemical modification in human malaria parasite DNA! Could lead to new drugs!

Malaria cycle involving mosquitoes and humans

Malaria Facts and How You Can Prevent Infection

Malaria cycle involving mosquitoes and humans. How you Can Prevent Infection.

The Malaria Cycle Illustrated in Pictures

The Malaria Cycle Illustrated in Pictures

Malaria cycle

Life Cycle of the Malaria Parasite - Plasmodium - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Malaria Cycle

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Malaria Bites! Bite Back. Check out this info-graphic from Compassion International and educate yourself about this life threatening disease. #DefeatMalaria #WorldMalariaDay #Uganda

Malaria Bites! Bite Back

Created in conjunction with World Malaria Day (Apr. as a conversation starter for the Compassion International Malaria Intervention Program.