TRESOR - BIJOUX de MARIE ANTOINETTE - Un Certain regard....

"Archduchess Maria Antonia Of Austria (Queen Marie Antoinette Of France) At Age 7 by Martin Van Meytens

pink from head to toe

Marie Antoinette - Kirsten Dunst as the Queen of France wearing a pink taffeta dress with ruffles and tulle embellishments and sporting cotton candy pink hair. The costumes were designed by Milena Canonero.

Vincent Alvarez- Marie-Antoinette - Versailles - Baroque - Rococo

Журнал : Aestus Magazine Фотограф : Vincent Alvarez Стиль : Mélanie Perego Исторические костюмы : Martin D’Autry Paris Модели : Yuliana @ Metropolitan Models & Katya P.

Tea at Trianon: Marie-Antoinette and Fashion, #BlogTalkRadio

Court dress, 1785 Listen to my newest broadcast on Marie-Antoinette and fashion , in which we discuss Marie-Antoinette's reputation of .

Kirsten Dunst as Marie Antoinette

Since we're celebrating c + high fashion, here's one of my favorite Vogue covers - Kirsten Dunst as Marie Antoinette photographed by Annie Leibovitz at Versailles. This version of Marie Antoinette is my favorite costume movie ever.

I don't know too much about Marie Antoinette to be frank, but this quotation makes me want to learn more! What a desirable quality--to never seek approval from anyone although I might add one exception--approval from God is pretty important :)


Marie Antoinette en chemise, portrait of the queen in a "muslin" dress, by Élisabeth Vigée-Lebrun (1783). This controversial portrait was viewed by her critics to be improper for a queen.

Rococo [ruh-KOH-koh]: florid or excessively elaborate

Marie Antoinette. Sofia Coppola's exceptionally great version of one of history's tragic queens.

Kirsten's Best Roles

MOVIE: Marie Antoinette, Kristen Dunst wears incredibly detailed costumes & gowns in Sophia Coppola's masterpiece.

I like the netting over the eyes...

Alexia Sinclair

"La Coiffure Oiseau" by Alexia Sinclair - "a naval clash that occurred between the British and the French in 1778 was to inspire the extravagant pouf worn by Marie Antoinette, known as La Belle Poule". From the "Les Antoinettes" collection

Taille buste 32 à 35.Robe de Marie par TheEnglishCostumeCo sur Etsy

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17ieme siécle

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