Many people just think of the movie but Mary Poppins is actually a series books that are equally great for children and adults to read.

The Mary Poppins books by P. My all time favorite books that I read in library class in elementary school in the

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Mary Poppins

Julie Andrews in Mary Poppins <----- Probably one of my favorite Actresses of all time. She's classy and regal when you see her you think Queen. Julie Andrews your the greatest!

One of my favorite childrens' series (I know I have said this about every one I put up here, but I love them all!). Mary Poppins is the story of a magical British nanny who changes the lives of  Jane and Michael banks forever. The book series is illustrated by Mary Shepard (the daughter of famed illustrated Ernest Shepard).

Fishpond Australia, Mary Poppins (Mary Poppins) by Mary Shepard (Illustrated ) Dr P L Travers. Buy Books online: Mary Poppins (Mary Poppins), ISBN Mary Shepard (Illustrated by) Dr P L Travers

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Vintage Mary Poppins books, set of 4 with dust jackets, beautiful

Vintage Mary Poppins books set of Dad used to read these to me after tucking me in. I loved Mary Poppins before she was a movie.

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The 25 best movie musicals of all time - 'Mary Poppins'

The 25 best movie musicals of all time

Mary Poppins (Two-Disc Anniversary Special Edition) DVD ~ Julie Andrews, Elsie's current favorite movie

always trying to live up to my namesake!

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I am a fan of Mary Poppins so this is one book I would want in my classroom library. This book is great to read for fun because children will read about magic and grow an imagination from reading this book.

A luscious childhood: Beautiful books for children

Mary Poppins: Three Enchanting Classics: Mary Poppins, Mary Poppins Comes Back, and Mary Poppins Opens the Door: Dr.

The first book series that I fell in love with.  She is NOT like the sugar coated one from the movie

PJ Travers Mary Poppins is after all, all about respecting children and encouraging them to play, create and realise their potential

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Mary Poppins Revisited - My Review

"Mary Poppins", starring Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke. "As I expected, Mary Poppins, practically perfect in every way.

MARY POPPINS RETURNS is being filmed now for a 12/18 release date - check out the books this sequel is based on.

MARY POPPINS RETURNS: First Look at Emily Blunt in Costume

MARY POPPINS RETURNS is being filmed now for a 12/18 release date - check out the books this sequel is based on.

My parents took me to the Hollywood Cinerama Dome to see Mary Poppins for my birthday. I was completely enchanted.

Mary Poppins (film version)

Dick Van Dyke, Julie Andrews, Karen Dotrice and Michael G. Bert The Chimney Sweep showing Mary Poppins 'London From The Rooftoops.