Stone trough

Simple contrasts spark garden interest: Scott Shrader edged a seventeenth-century stone water trough. with elegant, sheared boxwoods and ‘Blue Glow’ agaves. the trough features a bronze spigot from La Maison Francaise Antiques, Inc that’s a replic

Lavanda, romero y salvia junto al olivo y gravilla en la parte de delante, + conjunto de macetas y algún otro arriate... Y césped, atrás

mediterranean garden under the olive trees: slope of herbs (rosemary, lavendar, germander) with grasses planted off one side of the path. This would be an interesting walkway

La Belle Jardin: Mediterranean Garden

Mediterranean Garden- agapanthus and boxwood with lovely tree filtering the light.

How to create a Mediterranean-style herb garden

Treat yourself to herb essentials, from garden to table

a lovely, tapestry mix of herbs: (thymes, chives, lavender, culinary sage) and phlomis. these are quite drought tolerant