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Michael Jackson's Thriller album is my all time favorite album. Although I love absolutely all his music, this has always been my most favorite album EVER!

Check out our album review of Michael Jackson's Bad on Rolling Stone.com.


Michael Jackson - Bad Genre: Pop, Dance, R One of the first CDs owned (gifted), 'Bad' is deeply embedded in childhood and musical memories

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If you're looking for the perfect popcorn GIF for your next chain email, this is a collection of animated gifs of people lying back and enjoying the show. These animated images are used on forums and comment threads all over the Internet to express your general interest in what is about to be a "show."

The Best Popcorn .GIFs on the Internet

giphy: 10 Replacements for the ‘Michael Jackson Eating Popcorn’ GIF Michael Jackson eating popcorn has been a staple GIF for years.

Michael Jackson bad outfit era behind the scenes backstage

Michael Jackson bad outfit era behind the scenes backstage

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You tell 'em Michael! More people need to believe this.and not just because Michael said it.but because it's a great piece of information especially with those of us who suffer from low self esteem and attacks from people around them.

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What Was Your Favorite Michael Jackson Style?

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Michael Jackson's Greatest (Fashion) Hits

Bette Midler, David Bowie, Michael Jackson, Cher's sister Georganne, and Cher.

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Bette Midler, David Bowie, Michael Jackson, Georganne LaPiere and Cher. Photo by Denis O’Regan.