Mickey Rourke in the 80's. Gosh.....What happened to him? Used to be cute

To Russia With Love: Big softie Mickey Rourke teams up with Santa to visit children's hospital

Here's a throwback pic from the Eighties.Mickey Rourke used to be so handsome, it's a shame he's had all that plastic surgery.

Mickey Rourke- man it is too depressing the way he looks now with all them plastic surgeries....He was so hot back in the day :(

oh, back in the day sexy Mickey Rourke. I would have spent weeks with him!

Mickey Rourke was so beautiful back then. Before he ruined his face with plastic surgery. That's Andie McDowell.

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the "original" Mickey Rourke in The Pope of Greenwich Village...so handsome here

Why You Wanna Go And Do That Love, Huh? 10 Cute Celebs Who Didn’t Need The Plastic Surgery Or Enhancements

Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery Before After - http://www.celeb-surgery.com/mickey-rourke-plastic-surgery-before-after/?Pinterest

Mickey Rourke’s Bad Plastic Surgery Past If you’re wondering how to look like Mickey Rourke , bad cosmetic surgery and boxing are the an.

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Mickey Rourke plastic surgery just cannot be ignored. Rourke has undergone the plastic surgery in Hollywood, and for an actor it can be a tough to confess.