Wait a minute, what if we changed it to M for mini instead of W for wombo

the right beagle pup is like pick me up please and the left beagle is like I'm waiting for my turn lol!

miniature beagle!

Miniature Beagles for Adoption

Miniature beagles for adoption are available via charity organizations and volunteers who try to rescue abandoned animals. Many miniature beagles can be obtained for free by adopting them from people who no longer want or can afford to keep their dog.

mini beagle - I want one!!

Beagle - Friendly and Curious

Pocket Beagle aka Mini Beagle. Brandon and I would love to have one for our first dog :)

Pocket Beagle Information and Pictures, Pocket Beagles, Mini Beagles, Toy Beagles, Tea Cup Beagles

Its a boogle, a mix between boston terrior and a beagle...so cute!!! looks like a mini boxer

Its a boogle, a mix between boston terrior and a beagle. looks like a mini boxer. Actually they are called Boglen Terriers not a Boogle.

mini beagle | if this pup was waiting for me when I got home, oh my - my days would be better :)

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Buddy the Mixed Breed-Boston Terrier/King Charles Cavalier!

Boston Terrier Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Buddy is a beautiful unique Boston Terrier King Charles Cavalier Everybody stops Buddy to say look at the little boxer dog and he acts like one too

obviously not a wedding idea. BUT HOW CUTE IS HE??? I couldn't resist haha.

Lupercalia: I Haz A Happy

Pocket Beagle Puppy-best dog ever. i love my little pocket beagle :)