Had one of those days yesterday. i miss you mom | Repinned from Missing ∞ Mom by Julie ~

Sometimes the only thing that fixes anything is my mommy telling me everything is fine.

miss you, mom .. | .. just everyday crap!

I love my dad wallpapers for mothers day My mother taught me everything except, how to live without her.

I Miss You Mom... I can feel your hand in mine. I can feel your back and how it felt as I rubbed it. Oh how you loved me rubbing your back. Your head on my shoulder...finally I was able to return the favor...a strong shoulder to lean on.

In Memory Of Mom. I miss the warmth of your gentle hug and the love I felt when my arms were wrapped around you. Mom was an Angel on earth. Love you Mom.

I'm so lucky to have my mother. I know so many that don't. Life comes at you fast. Savor every moment.

A loss like no other . our mother has been gone half our lives and we still miss her every day!

Mom ..  I still see your face before me Your voice I long to hear .. I miss and love you dearly, God knows, I wish, you were here. Tears fall freely from my eyes, like a river, filled with grief, my only comfort now, is that, from pain, you've found relief. Missing You

Mom .. I still see your face before me, your voice I long to hear

I never truly learned what the words I miss you were until I reached for my Mom's hand and it wasn't there.....

I never truly learned what the words I miss you were until I reached for my Mom& hand and it wasn& there.

I miss you terribly honey ....4 months yesterday but it feels like forever

I miss you terribly daddy! Time hasn't made anything any easier; the pain of you not being here is something I have just learned to live with.

Granny and Pappy Jack, love and miss you so much!!!

Miss you Mom! So much my heart aches constantly & it is killing me because I can't imagine living the rest of my life without you physically in it