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I miss mom soooooo very much but not the pain she went through, that still breaks my heart 4 years later.

I miss the sounds of you talking and singing to yourself. I miss so much. A part of me will always long to spend time with you. Always.                                                                                                                                                      More

I miss you everyday! I still wake up and think about you. Your smile, your laugh, your gentle hugs. I miss my Mom and Dad!

It only has been 3 months since 12-26-16  when you went to be with Jesus BUT I will keep MISSING YOU MOM until I see you waiting for me in Heaven with your arms wide open!!!!!

♡◇☆◇♡ Onr year ago today Daddy, and still my heart is breaking even more than it had been. You have left such sadness and I will never be the same.

Grief is like ...

I miss you terribly daddy! Time hasn't made anything any easier; the pain of you not being here is something I have just learned to live with.