...... I can't wait to get home in 8 more weeks....need a good girls talk .... Miss you hon .... Caro x

Mom, my heart aches each & every day since you left me.you were not only my wonderful mother, but my best friend.my heart is FOREVER BROKEN.

I miss you quite terribly.

How can I miss you when we haven’t even met. You,...

I miss you. I miss us. I miss feeling safe. I miss feeling excited. I miss what it felt like we were going to be. You are always on my mind...and in my heart.❤️

I miss you. I miss us. I miss feeling safe. I miss feeling excited. I miss your yummy lips. I miss your hands on my skin. I miss your taste.

I have missed c a lot today. Nothing new I know but when they mean a lot you can't help it x

❝I miss you a lot today.❞ I miss you a lot everyday. Even if you're in front of me, I miss you. When I'm eating, I miss you. When I'm sho.

25 Missing You Quotes #Miss you quotes #Missing You quotes,  there is never goodbye it's just until next to time....

25 Miss You Quotes

The toe in the mouth, the fart jokes, the noises, how he makes me hiss but I refuse to admit he makes me hiss. At some point along the way I fell for him and rather than just say it and own those feelings I pushed him away.

Every minute. Every day. Ever since I met you. And I can't do anything about it.

30 Missing You Quotes

Why do you have to mind me so much? Why do you have to take it personally? Why do you have to make it about you? Yes I'm thinking about you. I can't stop thinking about you.

You mean so much to me. I couldnt accept that friend request and hurt. We are using pininterest as a way to hurt each other. i think we can agree to that. If i am sad or happy, i might post a pin but will leave out commentary. Please understand i turned down friend request on instragram as dont want to see the photos. if you ever need to talk i will be here for u


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