I always wonder if you miss me the way I miss you.. #breakupssuck #imissmymatty

We had two years together, and I take comfort in knowing we're still friends. We still talk, but I take even more comfort in the fact that you know you screwed up. But hopefully things go back to normal soon, I miss


Hard to Stop Missing Someone. Have you ever lost track of someone that you once loved so much and because you were so young, angry and mixed up you said goodbye to the that person?

Been over a week and I still think about you... about what could've been. If you would've let me talk and let me explain things to you now that I know more

60 Missing You Quotes and Sayings Have you been missing someone really bad lately? Longing to see or to talk with that person and when you know it& impossible, you try to ignore the feeling but realize it& hard to&

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"And in that moment I swore that nothing in this universe could be as heavy as the absence of the person you love" ~Beau Taplin, The Absence

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Beautiful love Quotes about Missing Someone special you love far away, someone who died or you never had. Make someone happy with these missing quotes.


Sad Love Quotes : QUOTATION – Image : Quotes Of the day – Life Quote Thank God the missing you is finally fading. But know that part if me died and now I wait to die completely.