Andry Williams _ Moon River one of my most favorite songs.

Andry Williams _ Moon River one of my most favorite songs from the movie Breakfast at Tiffanys

Andy Williams -"Moon River"(1962) music by Henry Mancini and lyrics by Johnny Mercer  from the 1961 movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's" won theAcademy Award for Best Original Song

Andy Williams - Moon River (Year from the Andy Williams Show: Cheviot native, WLW-AM "Time to Shine" show and Western Hills High School graduate.

I've been playing this song over and over for the past few days and it won't get out of my head. Moon River.

(Song:) Moon River (Artist:) Audrey Hepburn (Album:) Breakfast At Tiffany's Studio Album (Year:) 1962

Moon River - Audrey Hepburn one of my favorite songs. This song is so beautiful and full of heart.

Moonriver lyric my song that I heard when my first granddad passed away,,,

I remember you singing Moon River when we went caravanning - There was a video of it.

"Moon river off to see the world. There's such a lot of world to see. We're after the same rainbow's end - waitin' round the bend. My huckleberry friend. Moon river and me.

Moon River, Holly Golightly

With A Length of Lights

Audrey Hepburn ... Was so lovely. Moon River is the song.. Please enjoy a tribute to her.

Audrey Hepburn - Moon River Music from the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's" You should be able to appreciate the beauty of both.

"There was once a very lovely, very frightened girl. She lived alone except for a nameless cat." (Breakfast at Tiffany's, 1961)

Breakfast at Tiffany's Movie CLIP - Moon River HD. Audrey Hepburns performance of its theme song Moon River helped composer Henry Mancini and lyricist Johnny Mercer win an Oscar for Best Song.