Shadowhunter tattoo

Set of 10 Mortal Instruments Transfer Decal Tattoos. Adorn yourself with the angelic symbols of the shadowhunters! Supernatural Powers not

(Open RP. Be Will, the child of Clace or be Max) "he's such an idiot!" I say looking at the Pandemonium with Max, the son of Simon and Isabelle. "Well what do you expect from a Herondale? He's taking advantage of the situation." He says. I lived an the Institute because I was an orphan and Max and Will are the only other two my age. We hurry in and look around. I call for Will and feel arms wrap around me and smirk. He pulls me to his chest, his lips against my collarbone. "Looks like you…

The mortal instruments the Love rune. I think I found the best tattoo idea and quote to help me get through my hard time