The Shadowhunter Chronicles + Latin

I knew Latin before I read TID and TMI and let me tell you, every time I read these I was sent into a frenzy. Such powerful phrases.

almost right where i want to get my mortal instruments tattoo.. i want mine in white though

Shadowhunter rune for angelic power - the mortal instruments: city of bones aah totally want one

Shadowhunter tattoo

Set of 10 Mortal Instruments Transfer Decal Tattoos. Adorn yourself with the angelic symbols of the shadowhunters! Supernatural Powers not

The Shadowhunter Chronicles- Anything Shadowhunter! From Mortal instruments to…

The Shadowhunter Runes. Probably one day I might get couples of these runes on my body. How cool having these runes just like shadowhunters!