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I watched you suffer, I saw you die, but all I could do, was sit close by. You went away, we had to part, God eased your pain, but broke my heart.

I watched you suffer, I saw you die but all I could do

Our beloved Baxter who passed away yesterday, 4-29-12.  We love you Baxter.

A GOLDEN HEART-a poem I read to my daddy as he passed away-a nurse angel gave it to us to read as the time drew near.- down my side for my dad who passed away three yra ago

Still processing the news that my grandfather passed away this morning but I couldn't not acknowledge it. RIP Pop xx

Euphemisms: "Events considered unpleasant or unmentionable are sometimes disguised by polite terms. For example, many people refuse to use the word died and choose passed away instead"

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Mom this poem is for you. Can't believe its been 9 years since you left us. Miss you more than words can say. Love you and miss you mom!

Mom, I miss you every moment of everyday

The Journey of a Mother.and this mother has definitely showed all those emotions as I am very real. The poem says so much about my life; but also my life with my children.

With the People that have passed away in My Life!! Especially My Uncle and My Brother!! Taken too soon from me!!

I will not forget your laugh! I'm two quarters and a heart down. And I don't want to forget how your voice sounds. These words are all I have so I'll write them. Dance, Dance - Fall Out Boy

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I'm very blessed that my Mother was a strong woman with a strong will to survive to raised 8 children with a fifth grade education. {RIP MOMMA YOUR JOB IS DONE.