"Mother and Son" if I were to get brave enough to get a tattoo this is what I would get.

Chinese symbol for mother and son. I have this tatood on the inside of my wrist with my son's name in between the symbols

Mother son celtic knot inside polynesian turtle tattoo Done by Joy DeHerrera at Theoreticalink.com

I like this base idea. I would do it a bit different, honoring Eli's Native American heritage. His clan is the Turtle clan.I would do a different turtle design with some different colors. But I like this basic idea.

Mother and Son Symbols - Bing images

My New 'Mother Son' Tattoo instead of a blue heart I would do red for Jeremy.and have "my heart" written under it.

Beautiful mother-son tattoo design with a quote by Shel Silverstein

15 Stunning Mother-Son Tattoo Designs Worth Your Attention

Aww reminds me of Little Foot from The Land Before Time

Aww reminds me of Little Foot from The Land Before Time. Simple basic dinosaur adult baby ~A.

mother son symbol

I didn't know we had 'symbols' such as this. Soul Mate Symbol - Maori Culture - Maori story of creation. - Pinned by The Mystic's Emporium on Etsy