Mother mountain goat teaching her kid how to climb safely. The kids stay with their mothers for the first year of their lives.

americasgreatoutdoors: “ Here’s some serious cute: A mountain goat nanny and kid at Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska. Mountain goats are not true goats at all but belong to the antelope family. The hooves of mountain goats consist of two toes that.

Ibex~Genus Capra Family, Bovidae goats or wild goats; 9 species including Markhor and Ibex. Wild goats have mountain habitat; agile and hardy, can climb on bare rock and survive on sparse vegetation.

Ibex-Genus Capra Family, Bovidae or wild goats, 9 species including Markhor and Ibex, have mountain habitat; agile & hardy, can climb on bare rock & survive on sparse vegetation

A mountain goat is not actually a goat but is a member of the antelope family.

Mountain Goats are not true goats but they are close relatives. They are more properly known as goat-antelopes. These surefooted beasts inhabit many of North America's most spectacular alpine environments.

mountain goat extreme!  and yes, this is real :)

Mountain goat extreme

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Announcer: "Tension is mounting as he is getting ready to perform his last dive of the evening a back 3-1/2 somersault in the tuck position with a 3.5 degree of difficulty.  If he nails it, he has the gold."

Cabra Montes,' known as the Spanish or Iberian Ibex ram showing his magnificents.

Because I'm a capricorn and must remember that I have very good footing when climbing mountains.  Goats doing what they usually do…

Goats doing what they usually do…

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Find out which skills and attribute allow these goats to tread where few others dare.

Mountain Goat by Kay Berry

Just met somebody today that had an AMAZING encounter with a Mountain goat! Amazing Wild Animal Pictures & 40 Pics Nature, Animals, Wildlife: The Beauty at one place

Goats on dam wall | the goats aren t doing it to show off it the goats are actually grazing, licking the stones for their salts and minerals

The death-defying goats that don't give a dam! Animals scale Italian lake's near-vertical barrier to lick stones for their minerals

Mountain Goats (Alpine Ibex) Climbing a Near Vertical Brick Dam Wall to Lick the Stone For Salt and Minerals