How to collect mushroom spores. This sounds like an interesting project to do with the kids, or yourself.  You can make some unique art, and the article also has a link to teach you how to grow your own mushrooms.

Spore Collection Techniques – Harvesting Spores From Mushrooms

The most common method for harvesting spores from mushrooms is the making of a spore print. What the heck is a spore print, you ask? Read this article to find out, and learn how to harvest mushroom spores. - Gardening Go

Mushroom spores magnified.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

The Most Amazing Microscope Images

Mushrooms Spores - Photographed by Brandon Broll, thus images is just one of many amazing microscopic photos in his book, Microcosmos, in which random things are magnified by between 22 times and 22 million times.

Making spore prints is like seed saving for Mushrooms, as it were. And not only are spore prints an easy...

How to: Make Spore Prints (Milkwood: permaculture farming and living)

How to: Make Spore Prints - Milkwood: permaculture farming and living Screen Shot at PM Making spore prints is like seed saving for Mushrooms

grow mushrooms in a 5 gallon bucket using coffee grounds and mushroom spores.  Fun project for kids and adults.

You can grow delicious organic mushrooms in coffee grounds and it doesn’t take a lot of effort. You just need a few things including a lot of coffee grounds. In this tutorial I will show you several different ways to grow gourmet mushrooms

Want to grow your own Morale Mushrooms?! It's simple! Mushroom spores are spread through excrement. Simply eat the mushroom and then spread your excrement at the base of a tree. Then you'll have your own crop!

Morel mushrooms are one of the most prized edible wild mushrooms in the world. They look like a sponge on a stem, morels don’t look like any mushrooms you get at the store or taste like ordinary bu…

Basimycetes Basidiomycetes Schwammpilze by SurrenderDorothy

Haeckel Scientific Illustration Plate 63 - 12 x 16 Art Print Poster: Fungi Basimycetes or Basidiomycete Stinkhorn Mushrooms

plantprints. This would be beautiful in my art journal! The folds of organic sheets create beautiful drapery-like prints!

Mushroom Print

// mushroom prints~ remove the stem and lay the mushroom, gill side down, onto white paper. Spores make a picture. Adult supervision required- beware of poisonous mushrooms.- hate mushrooms but love the print

Portobello mushrooms have brown gills and produce brown spores.

How to Collect Portobello Spores

The large caps of portobello mushrooms make a meaty addition to both cooked and raw dishes. Portobello caps have a strong mushroom flavor that works well in sandwiches, salads.

Spore Prints

Visit us online for superior quality mushroom spore prints, spore syringes and cultures offered at a discounted price. Edible and exotic mushroom species are now available online.


WINE CAP mushroom spores spawn mycelium (on dry seeds)

excellent to eliminate odor in the chx run that uses hardwood shavings: Stropharia rugoso-annulata : Wine Cap, King Stropharia, Garden Giant Mushroom Culture Slant