Saburo, erster Rubinritter

The Shadow--A ninja race that has been exiled to the desert, for their radical beliefs, and worship of the "dark gods" (Dragons)

Rita Sam Tillman is part of the Esperance. This sassy lesbian likes to vandalize and is fascinated with violence. She's the kind of person who will slit a neck just to see how the red looks on their nails. She's got several tattoos, including a large one on her shoulder. She always has a knife with her. (Aromantic; she, her)

The dark brooding look adds to the already stellar appearance and looks a decent amount like my character Maribel Sofia Ortega

"You're a writer? But you're so shy.." Exactly, my characters are extroverts because I am not.

Well of course writers are shy people. What else do you expect them to be? We so often don't have a voice that we must invent other people to speak for us instead.

This is also a great list for dog names.

Baby Names : Norse Mythology, also known as the Scandinavian mythology, is a body of myths of the North Germanic people. Norse mythology names are listed here to choose for your newborn.

Hello there! My first illustration of the new year is this lovely OC of Anasasiel. Anasasiel came to rescue a nearby village, but her effort was in vain, the houses are already burning. I hope you ...

English: My OC Anasasiel. Anasasiel came to save a small village on the edge of the elven empire. But her effort was in vain, the houses burned and nobo. Anasasiel by Jorsch

Astrid Lindgren - just like the heroic little girl she wrote about, one of my all-time favorite book character, Pippi Longstocking.

Gästblogg: Om Kitty och trädklättring

I..have ALWAYS loved my freckles..they are part of my heritage like my emerald green eyes..magical ways..and Swedish blonde hair....

have ALWAYS loved my Frühlingstyp typisch mit Sommersprossen freckles.they are part of my heritage like my emerald green eyes.magical ways.and Swedish blonde hair.