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Exploring the mystery genre in the classroom is a great way to expose students to new types of literature and who doesn't love solving a real crime? Scientific method too?

Detective Case Report-Story Map.  For use with mystery books.

Mystery Graphic Organizer This Graphic organizer is a great activity to use with any mystery stories you may be reading.It allows the students to break down the story elem.

Here is another fun mystery game! Kids love to solve mysteries and this game is very exciting. Read the story aloud to the students. Pass out the clues to each student and let them solve the case together. This is a great tool for critical thinking, finding inferences, and team building skills.

Mystery Game - Missing Muffins - Great Ice Breaker Activity

Let students work in groups to solve a mystery. This would incorporate reading, writing, science and math. Students would be engaging in all of these academic skills without even realizing it.

My Mystery Story  from Mrs Jacobs Class on TeachersNotebook.com -  (2 pages)

Freebie: Use this "Fill in the Blanks" writing template to guide your student in writing a mystery story about an object that is missing. Students can rewrite the story and add an illustrate to create a finished writing product.

Mystery Unit

Third grade was supposed to teach this unit back in January, but at that time we did not have enough books at a variety of levels for our st.

MYSTERIES (GENRE) UNIT OF STUDY UNIT 3 - TeachersPayTeachers.com Mysteries (Genre) Unit of Study Unit 3 Teaching with mysteries is so exciting! Lots of inferring, predicting, analyzing text, and so much more! #mysteries #mystery

Reading Unit of Study: With Mysteries Literature


Writing Mystery Stories Notebook and Activities


Teaching the mystery genre by Beth Newingham...lots of free resources.

In this lesson, students are introduced to the mystery genre and explore the vocabulary, characters, and plot structure they are likely to encounter when reading a mystery.

Genre Focus:  Mystery | Reading Workshop Unit of Study free from The Curriculum Corner | graphic organizers, exit tickets, anchor charts & more

Genre Focus for Reading: Mystery

This reading unit of study focuses on reading mysteries in the classroom. Includes mini-lessons, anchor charts, graphic organizers & more.

Investigating the Mystery Genre | Scholastic.com (3rd Grade)

Introduce your students to the key characteristics and language of mysteries before they use critical thinking skills and graphic organizers to figure out whodunnit in series of short read-alouds,.

Investigating the Mystery Genre | Scholastic.com

Mystery Book Project Rubric for Assessment Puzzle Piece This piece includes a creative display of the title, author, and illustrator of the book as well as