National Geographic shark bus

Enter the shark, a cool optical illusion for this National Geographic ad on a bus.

20 creative guerilla marketing campaigns

Nearly half of U.S. adults do not have the resources or plans in place in the event of an emergency.  So take this opportunity to check out the resources CDC’s Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response have put together on what you can do during an emergency. In order to make sure viewers have information about how to be prepared in the event of a blackout, CDC’s Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response and National Geographic Channel worked together to provide important…

A car emergency kit, or supplies to sustain and be prepared for emergencies, and that means more than just carrying a cell phone.

National Geographic flys a real life version of UP at 10,000 feet for about an hour

Up-Inspired Floating House (14 photos)

National Geographic Channel made Real Life Version of The Animated Film 'Up' by launching a house from Los Angeles thousands of metres into the air using 300 balloons, and set a new world record for the largest balloon cluster flight.

Saturday 5 March: National Geographic and a team of engineers and balloon pilots successfully launched a house measuring 16' x 16' and 18' high, using 300 8' weather balloons from just east of LA. The launch–inspired by the film “Up"–set a new world record for largest balloon cluster flight. The house with balloons was more than 10 storeys high, reached an altitude of over 10,000 feet, and flew for an hour. The record will be part of a new series called “How Hard Can I...

UP Movie House

This is awesome! The team from National Geographic have created a real-life "balloon-house" version of Pixar's animated hit film, Up. Yes, a house tied to gas balloons that actually flies.

KILLING LINCOLN - An interactive site from the National Geographic Channel. This is a good study for not only Lincoln's assassination, but for events, people, places, and details leading up up to the conspiracy and the aftermath. Be careful, you and students can get "lost" here with the flurry of re-created audio, images, documents, and other primary sources made available.

Top Hat Allan Pinkerton, President Abraham Lincoln, and Major General John A. This photo was taken not long after the Civil War’s first battle on northern soil in Antietam, Maryland on October Date: 3 October 1862

Nathanie- real life auggie with treacher collins syndromel | National Geographic Channel

Meet a brave little boy with Treacher Collins Syndrome, an inherited deformity of the face. ~~ a real life Auggie ~~ National Geographic Channel

BroadcastAR Augmented Reality for National Geographic Channel / UPC

BroadcastAR Augmented Reality for National Geographic Channel / UPC from INDE Appshaker