Amazing NJ tattoo. #ilovenj

Amazing NJ tattoo - I use to be at Exit 3 of the NJ Turnpike. Just sayin .


New Jersey State Tattoo - Home in cursive on the bottom left, and the Heart over Rockaway

i heart New Jersey Bamboo by truche on Etsy, $26.00. adorable! more expensive version in metal is $55. i will definitely be getting one of these in the near future!

Small New Jersey Necklace - Bamboo - New Jersey State Necklace New Jersey Charm NJ Pendant New Jersey Map New Jersey Art Ocean City

Bruce Springsteen Beach Keychain New Jersey Shore by LovetheColor, $10.95

Beastie Boys Keychain, Brooklyn, Key Chain or Pendant

Bruce Springsteen Song Lyric Keychain or Pendant . Down the shore everythings alright. Glass dome keychains in bronze or silver.

New Jersey Roots Unframed Wall Art Jersey Print by fiberandwater

New Jersey Roots Unframed Wall Art, Jersey Print, Burlap Art, Custom Wall Art, Know your roots, Burlap Wall Hanging

New Jersey Love // Reclaimed Wood Nail and String Art by cwrought, $110.00

New Jersey Love // Reclaimed Wood Nail and String Art Tribute to The Garden State

New Jersey birthmark tattoo.

New Jersey birthmark tattoo.

PLEASE NOTE: this is NOT real gold foil! It is designed to mimic the look of gold foil but is not actually metallic. Jersey Roots New Jersey print.

New Jersey Printable • Jersey Roots • New Jersey State Art • NJ Typography • Faux Gold Foil State Print 8 x 10 and 11 x 14