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How to do this: Paint your nails white/cream and let dry. Soak nails in rubbing alcohol for five minutes, then press down on map, newsprint or patterned scrapbook paper. The design will rub off onto nails.

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Paint your nails white/cream Soak nails in alcohol for five minutes Press nails to map and hold Paint with clear protectant immediately after it dries. Paint your nails white/cream Soak nails in alcohol for five minutes Press nails to map and hold

K--This is for you. I thought it was so fun, I looked it up!

Translation from page: cut squares of newsprint larger than nails. apply a base coat of polish. when nails are completely dry, soak them in alcohol, then press newsprint on nail and slowly pull off.

Newsprint nails. First paint your nails with a light color, then hold your finger in rubbing alcohol for 30 seconds, and after that you just hold the newspaper square on your nail for 10 seconds. Repeat this on all of your nails and apply top coat afterwards.

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Boring pin I know, but it's a tutorial on how to do leopard nails and they are hot! Here's the link too:

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Leopard spotted nail art is one of the easiest designs to create. Check out this video and learn how to give yourself a leopard spot manicure in a few easy steps!

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Here are some awesome but simple nail designs you can easily do at home! Love fancy nail art but do not have the artistic touch or a steady hand?

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newsprint nails how-to; works well, but you have to press down REALLY hard on the paper, and do it quickly to avoid sticking cotton pieces to your nails.

Newspaper Inspired Nail Art: DIY

DIY: Newspaper Inspired Nail Art

News Nails! Paint your nails with a flashy/metallic color, after they dry tip them in alcohol and press a piece of newspaper onto them, and finish with a top coat! Actually DOES work!

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Book Fetish: Volume XX

Nail Art : Newspaper Nails Put on nail polish and let dry. Dip fingernail in rubbing alcohol. Press a strip of newspaper big enough to cover the whole nail on to your alcohol soaked nail. Pull off slowly Paint top coat

Clear coat - followed by gray or white - followed by dipping nails in alcohol - then pressing a book or newspaper print on nails - then clear coat.....

Newspaper nails for literary hands

newsprint nails

Put alcohol in a cup. Cut small pieces of newspaper, enough to cover your nails. When nails are dry, soak them in alcohol. Cover nails with pieces of newspaper, let sit a few seconds and gently pull off. Let nails dry and apply top coat.

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20 Cool Newspaper Nail Art Ideas

Newspaper nail art is unique and it usually does not utilize other nail polishes for making an art. Here are some Cool Newspaper Nail Art Ideas which will surely inspire you. Use your creativity and alternate your own newspaper nail art design right now.

Apply base coat, dip your nails in rubbing alcohol for a few seconds, and  then put newspaper print on top.

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base coat, then dip your nails in rubbing alcohol for a few seconds then put newspaper print on top, make sure to hold for a couple seconds. Then let dry and put a top coat