NHL Logos Redesigned Using Pokémon

NHL Logos Redesigned Using Pokémon

Benjamagnus has redesigned a number of National Hockey League (NHL) logos using Pokémon. The Anaheim Ducks are now the the Anaheim Mighty Psyducks, the New

Simpsons NHL Logos

And Now, The Simpsons NHL Logo Mash-Ups You Didn’t Know You Needed In Your Life

Someone mashed up The Simpsons with NHL logos and they are AMAZING. You’ll never see the Phoenix Coyotes logo the same way again.

NHL Logo Designs Through the Years

NHL Logo Design - Infographics - the only team that's stuck with one. (And loseapeg doesn't count because they moved from Atlanta and changed the logo and didn't go back to the original Jets logo)

Nhl logos old new

Nhl logos old new And Toronto changing their logo the most times definitely has not helped.

The rashenfrashen Los Angeles Kings get the royal Eric Poole treatment.  More of his work at http://epoole88.tumblr.com

Our good friend (Eric Poole) is getting ready for the upcoming season with cartoon renderings of each team. This is the defending Stanley Cup champion Los Angeles Kings.

Logos LNH version Panthers Floride

The National Hockey League (NHL) pits 30 teams who play against each other throughout the regular season in North America with the goal of earning a playoff

The NHL lockout is over! Do you care? Tellwut your feelings are regarding the recent agreement!    http://www.tellwut.com/surveys/sports/24121-nhl-lockout-over-my-single-income-family-that-is-dependent-on-the-nhl-for-its-income-is-ecstatic-that-an-agreement-has-been-reached-and-the-nhl-lockout-is-over-how-do-you-feel-about-it-.html

NHL Hockey Team Logo Database, find out more about your favorite NHL hockey Logo History.

#EPoole88 (Eric Poole) may not be a Capitals fan, but he is a fan of their retro unis...SO close to using this artwork in the next round.

Eric Poole on

(Eric Poole) may not be a Capitals fan, but he is a fan of their retro unis.

Good lord, Eric Poole actually manages to make the dreaded New York Islanders fisherfool look good.  More of his work at http://epoole88.tumblr.com

I was browsing through my hockey board and I decided I should pin this one. The reason I didn't pin this one was because the islanders moved to Brooklyn and I didn't want the Long Island whaler theme.

Infographic on the evolution of NHL team graphics.

This infographics shows that how NHL logo designs have evolved around, and how some of the teams made very extra ordinary changes to their logos.