Nightwing, who was the first robin, broke away from The Batman. To continue his…

Nightwing                                                       …

I like Nightwing a. Dick Grayson because though he was the first Robin, his acrobat skills are off the chain. I like how in the movie, "Batman: Bad Blood" that he becomes Batman which I like because Dick is the type of Batman I would love to see often.

ninja nightwing by Nexxorcist

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Young justice Dick Grayson. aka(robin when he takes over for batman) dark wing

aka(robin when he takes over for batman) dark wing Nightwing. That is who he becomes when he gives up being Robin. When he takes over for Bruce, he takes the cowl of the Batman.


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DC Comics pulled back the curtain on DC Rebirth at WonderCon. Check out the full details on the line-wide relaunch.

nightwing | Nightwing just whizzes past Winter Soldier in this round.

‪ (Dick Grayson) by Comic Art Commissions Artist of The Night - Jean Sinclair. Ask Jean for a commission here ‪ ‪ ‪

Nightwing by Brett Booth

Calling All Star Wars Jedi

Nightwing by Brett Booth Last of the flying Graysons, or had you forgotten?