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I'll be on a trip with my cousins for the next ten days and I don't know if I'll post there, so I apologize in advance if I'll be a bit inactive♡

Nu Goth — socialpsychopathblr:   Sora Choi - New York... Don't know if that's really nu goth but it definitely is cool

prev pinner: Nu Goth — socialpsychopathblr: Sora Choi - New York. me: triggers my ocd a bit but otherwise its really cool :D

Visit image for shopable version. Witchy nu goth outfit with punk, grunge inspiration. Jade plugs, sweater, boots, black backpack, tentacle ring.

Jade Witch - Outfit of the Day

Witchy goth outfit combining black skinny jeans and chunky gray sweater with jade plugs, a crystal necklace, gray leather boots, and tentacle ring.

Nu-Goth Fashion Tip Nº1: Oversized Black Tee with Platform Shoes - http://ninjacosmico.com/22-fashion-tips-nu-goth/

22 Fashion tips to rock the Nu-Goth style

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Knit and leather...                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus

underbust harness / leather / sci fi / cyber / urban dystopia / fetish / bondage / black / post apocalyptic inspiration / fashion for women / cosplay / LARP