Oded Fehr in the Mummy

Watching The Mummy, I'm sorry but this reminds me...

Oded Fehr - hottest man alive!

Zachary “Sandy” Sandoval: specialist in hostage negotiations, former FBI. No one knows much about him, he’s a loner, deadly. His past (Cast: Oded Fehr)

Seth put the ribbon between his teeth, hands twisting and tightening his hair to fit through the ring of elastic. When it snapped into place, only then did he take the string of fabric and tie it in a bow-like knot.

Oded Fehr

Oded Fehr in The Mummy-very good looking warrior guy from the movie! 'Find the girl. Kill the creature. Save the world.'

ゝ。Oded Fehr as "Ardeth Bay" High Priest in the Movie: The Mummy and The Mummy Returns.