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I CAN DREAM......i LOVE old southern houses like this with big trees in the yard and wrap around porches! Next house my friend from Georgia will get next year so she can hang the sign below on the tree!!!!

My dream outdoor spaces (30 photos)

Love this Old House! I like many types of houses but I would have to say this would be my dream house

Victorian Style: Beautiful Home Design. If I could have this style home with all the things I've ever dreamed of in a house, I'd be set.

Impressive....and so creative....

Welcome to the Porch!

My dream house! When I get rich and have multiple homes. Such a dream to live in the mountains on a lake! like a dream old houses shingle

Love this old house! 70 Abandoned Old Buildings.. left alone to die | #MostBeautifulPages

Abandoned house in Coudersport, Pennsylvania. This is so sad it was once a very beautiful home . I rember what it use to look like . Its for sale too. Its not to far frome where I live and grew up .

Sweet Little Château

Wish list for a French Style Home

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Antique stained glass windows in the kitchen of a 1919 Chicago Foursquare.

Designing an Eclectic 20th-Century Kitchen

A black-and-white marble floor is a classic touch in an eclectic Foursquare kitchen. Love the blue cabinets but don't care much for the yellow walls.

..old house on small island.. it sure must have seen wonderful old warming you know...

Building on Holland Island, Chesapeake Bay, Maryland. This house fell into the bay in 2010