I like that this artist has used a range of different colours to create the skin tones of this portrait. Painted with a palette knife; Oils.

Ryan Hewett South Africa) Contrary to the tradition of verisimilitude, for Hewett the portrait is not about capturing an external likeness of a subject, but rather as a portrait to an inner.

Which palette knife to use when painting

Different knife blades - Using the right knife can make some great additions to your paint brush strokes. I like them for roof lines, tree branches and clumps of grass. Look at Richard Schmid and how he adds knife work to his masterful paintings.

Michael Lang (UK) lemony goodness and background colors.

This painting shows a strong example of impasto. The yellow is a bright hue. The background shows a variety of saturation and value Agitated Realism, Study Lemon by Michael Lang

David Mensing.wow, what a way to paint mountains.

This is a palette knife oil painting by David Mensing , but the possibilities of using this technique with cake icing are limitless.

Interesting brush technique ~ Large light pink tulips done 3 dimensional with a knife!!

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Multicolored Palette Knife Paintings Explore the Many Layers of Human Emotions - My Modern Met

Multicolored Palette Knife Paintings Explore the Many Layers of Human Emotions

Artist Joshua Miels' textured paintings pop off the canvas with multicoloured brilliance. Through intricate layering techniques, his vivid painti

How to Use Acrylic Painting Texture Medium

Here's how to create interesting texture using acrylic texture medium

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