Panda Bread - Freakin adorable! I’ve seen a lot of amazingly cute panda things, but this literally made me giddy when I saw it. I’ve never seen anything like it and I really want to try out the recipe

Panda Bread

Do I really think I have the skill to make decorative sandwich bread from scratch?

Panda Bread | Cook'n is Fun - Food Recipes, Dessert, & Dinner Ideas

Panda Bread: Ingredients: loaf x 108 bread flour cake flour sugar milk + 1 yolk = (I used skim milk) salt unsalted butter (I used yeast green tea powder dissolved in boiling hot water cocoa powder dissolved in boiling water

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How to make Panda bread

Panda Bread

Funny pictures about How to make Panda bread. Oh, and cool pics about How to make Panda bread. Also, How to make Panda bread photos.

Panda Loaf!   I'm guessing they used food colouring for the different colours

Panda Bread

DIY panda bread featured on Perfect Pandas is a homemade work of art. This bread is made from a simple bread dough that is divided into three separate batches. One ball of dough is flavored with green tea powder, the other one cocoa powder and

Honey Bee Sweets: Panda Buns (Cheddar and Cream Bread Recipe)

So recently I have been seeing quite a number of Japanese bakers coming up with really cute bread bun designs. The bread buns are really so.

panda bread... for if our kids love pandas as much as we do, @enjoytheview ;)

Panda Bread

Your kids will love this adorable panda bread. Make it as a fun substitute for boring original snacks. Let your kids enjoy eating this simple, delicious bread.

Steps in making a panda bread..... for @Scott McGlon

Steps in making a panda bread.....

DIY Panda Bread

DIY Panda Bread

Panda bread can be made really nicely. You may need about 15 minutes to really capture the panda look, but once everything is done you can eat your creation.