Origami Fortune Teller Instructions I"ve been looking for how to make these for so long!!!!!!!

Free Paper Fortune Teller Printable Templates

Use this paper fortune teller craft to teach and practice positive thinking skills and positive self-talk.

Positive Thinking Fortune Teller Craft

500px Fortuneteller mgx.svg  Kids Crafts:  How To Make A Paper Fortune Teller

Kids Crafts: How To Make A Paper Fortune Teller for Kids

Fortune Teller Paper Game for children with tutorial and samples that you can craft it (origami) by your own and play it with your friends. Fortune Teller Paper Game is an origame for children's game.

Free printable fruity "cootie-catcher", aka fortune teller, aka chatterbox! Get more free printables at http://www.pinterest.com/hre/

Origami fortune teller (aka chatterbox!)

blank template for cootie catcher

Blank template for cootie catcher

Lots of printable cootie catchers. Links to Fairy tale and friendship themed cootie catchers.