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Check out this Elegant Napkin Fold! I love the spiral shape! See this and 20 plus napkin folding styles to add pizzazz to your table!

How to print on paper napkins. Easy tutorial! - pinning now, reading later. might come in handy in the future.

USE your printer to make custom Paper Napkins- Easy tutorial! Great for weddings or parties

Spray paint a tin can; add paper napkins, mod podge, glue gun & pretty…

Upcycled Tin Can Projects

Towel storage made of decoupaged tin cans - Fashion, crafts and more (Love this idea. Not sold on using as towel holders; maybe utensils in kitchen or misc.

DIY Paper Doily Christmas Trees Origin: http://ouiouiouistudio.blogspot.fr/2013/12/diy-une-foret-de-sapins-en-napperons-de  Need: - Paper napkins of different sizes (17, 15 and 11cm) - Skewers and wood beads (2.5 cm)  1) cut out the doilies, glue 1/4 of paper doily 2) Fold it to form a paper cone 3) Slide the smallest doily on a skewer, put a wooden bead, then repeat twice more 4) Hot glue the last bead 5) Cut the skewers at different heights. Stick them on a foam board to create your forest

25+ Beautiful DIY Fabric and Paper Doily Crafts

Paper Napkins for Decoupage: Tips

Here are some tips for working with paper napkins for decoupage: where to find them {cheaply!} and the secret to applying them in your projects.

How to take Napkins from Drab to Fab using a Cuttlebug at www.thehappyscraps.com

If you have a Cuttlebug machine then turning store bought napkins in to embossed delights is going to be so easy. Check out the full tutorial on how you can spruce up your napkins with ease.

Tutorial: Blooming Rocks, decoupaged rocks by Laura Kirste Campbell

Blooming Rocks: Tutorial for decoupaged rocks using decorative paper napkins.