Paper Planes How To [Pic] |-Make a set of paper planes out of nice stiff paper. Great to go with a unit on aerodynamics.

Paper Planes How To [Picture]

Ultimate cheat sheet for paper craft airplanes. I need this because apparently I cannot fold paper airplanes like Darren!

12 guide Build Paper Airplanes - Origami

How To: Fold 12 Awesome Paper Planes

Astrid Bin    She is an interdisciplinary artist who works in two dimensional,  three dimensional, and four dimensional (time-based and performance works).  Astrid has exhibited in Canada, the UK, Italy, Portugal and Germany, and is currently based in Berlin. Below is an example of her work  “One thousand means of escape”.

Berlin-based artist Astrid Bin, described as “one thousand paper airplanes are suspended in flight, like flocking birds, or swarming insects.

Simple paper plane | DIY is FUN

The crafting experts at DIYNetwork share how to make straw airplanes guaranteed to be kid-friendly hit.

Paper Plane #Decoration for #Destination #Weddings : | 27 Creative Ideas For A Travel-Themed Wedding

Or a soaring one:

27 Travel-Inspired Wedding Ideas You'll Want To Steal- map flowers, paper airplanes hanging, and something else I can't remember