Infograph for Passion Project || This is what we are doing in 6th ELA! Never knew there was a name for it... #reaffirmation

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Implementing Genius Hour in Your Classroom -everything you need to know!

Implementing Genius Hour in Your Classroom

Genius Hour (also known as Time) is an inquiry-based learning project in which students work on individual projects focused on their passion.

Genius Hour, 20 Time, Passion Projects - Teacher blog (ELA, Middle School, Language Arts) Rubric

Reeves in the Middle: Passion Projects, Genius Hour, 20 Time - Whatever You Call It - Part 2

Independent Study Planning Pages - Passion Projects, Genius Hour $

Independent Study Planning Pages

Runde's Room: Passion Projects in the Classroom - Students come up with something they are passionate about and then they get to research it. Can be done during Language Arts each Friday.

Passion Projects in the Classroom

Passion Project Organizers and Rubrics

Passion Project Organizers and Rubrics

3 Rules for Genius Hour

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3 Rules for Genius Hour - a great visual for keeping students focused and on track during passion projects.

FREE download - GENIUS HOUR project proposal

Genius Hour - Ideas for planning and implementation in the elementary classroom! (Includes a few free Genius Hour project printables to use with your students!

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This promotes the idea of using "Genius Hour" in Elementary School. "Genius Hour" involves students to use technology to research different topics in a controlled setting and able to reflect on what they learned.

These tech tools help students create their own blogs or websites, podcasts, videos, artwork, even publish their own books. Wonderful for Genius Hour projects, 20% time, or any kind of passion project.

Tools to Help Students Follow Their Passions

With a little help from technology, a young filmmaker, musician, writer, or artist can pursue their work like a pro.