5 Trending Passionate Love Quotes

Just a mix...of me

There's passion or there's nothing.The type that drips down your back and soaks the sheets. The type of passion she still feels between her legs the next day. I love you ❤️

I love it when I am literally drowning in sensation, scent, touch. It is the most intimate thing to just breathe them in.


"Sometimes she'll push away what she wants because she wants it too much. And too much scares the hell out of her. Because sometimes people lose themselves in wanting too much. I pushed you away for this reason Mel Payne

And then you find out that everybody you see have already read that chapter. Not necessarily that everybody has one-only some have

My heart was pure when it came to her. My actions proved it. Still it was not enough for her to even try to keep her promises.

Passion changes everything.

It's a connection that's the icing (my man hates cherries!) on top of everything else.

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I am a passionate, pretty, opinionated woman. I've been through some sh*t. It took so long for me to just accept my own philosophies and perspectives.

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Never settle for anyone who isnt absolutely, insanely, and foolishly happy to be with you. - Whether its a friend or more, they should want to be in your life.

Love Quote & Saying Image Description I'm sensitive but mess with my kids and I turn savage real quick!

Every single word of it. I love you because you bring out the best in me. The joy, the love, the laughter, the passion, the bravery. all of it is magnified by you.I got over my anxiety because of you