a dramatic checkerboard lawn, its impact is substantial — it’s a showstopper. In this garden the alternating lawn and paving stones are set at the same height.

Idea of Eye Catching Artificial Grass Installation for Garden Landscaping Ideas ~ ChloeElan

stone walkways | Paving Stone Walkways- Stone Taffy Design

Inexpensive and Amazing Methods to Create an Outdoor Pathway - Interior design - If you are lucky to have an outdoor garden or backyard, you will need to create a pathway leading to the entrance to avoid the footprints over the grass and

The Best 20 DIY Ideas to Create a Decorative Downspout Landscape

The Best 20 DIY Ideas to Create a Decorative Downspout Landscape

Trittsteine in Kies oder Splittbett verlegen, damit sie nicht wegkippen

How to lay stepping stones. Creating a simple path using paving slabs. - My Gardening Path

Recycled cobble pavers and manufactured stone - great use of old and new materials to create an interesting walkway.

Nashawtuc Hill Residence - traditional - landscape - boston - by Matthew Cunningham Landscape Design LLC

Paving with bits and pieces and samples and discards.

Mixed paving materials - I like how this looks, plus it makes repurposing easier! CT - note: Could get some pavers that match front walk and combine with other materials to tie both looks together. Definitely want the walk to be permeable.