Penguin Research Project PLUS Centers: This penguin research journal brings penguins research and writing into your classroom. This penguin pack can be differentiate for K-2nd grade. Early grades can do the research as a whole group and older grades do the research independently.

Penguin Research Project PLUS Centers

Digging Deep ... to Soar Beyond the Text: Penguin Research Provides Real Rewards

Discover how Penguins hand the cold by making a flubber glove and comparing your reaction to icy water and the penguin's reaction.This STEM experiment relies on collaboration with team partners.

We Heart 1st: Penguin Party! {aka Penguin Research} Use QR codes to make research easier for primary students.

We Heart Penguin Party! {aka Penguin Research} Use QR codes to make research easier for primary students.

My First Research Project: Penguins

Penguin Research Report

Simplify the research process so that early readers and writers will find success! This project is perfect for the common core shared research stan.


Your students will have fun researching and learning all about penguins while compiling their very own penguin book with nonfiction text features (.

Penguin Research for Kinder - nonfiction research about penguins geared for younger children. This research allows you to guide your students in learning about all 17 different kinds of penguins.

Penguin Research for Kinder

Penguin Research for Kinder pages) includes – *Penguins can/have/are chart *Penguins know/wonder/learned chart *Penguin labeling *Penguin Re.

an easy way to structure a report and do research. love it.

Penguin Tree Map: could/should adapt this to unit topics to teach use of describing words

Teacher Mama: How Tall is a Penguin?

How Tall is a Penguin is a series of activities that culminate in creation of life size penguins. Activities include: writing, reading, math, research and building.

Penguin Palooza!

Penguin Palooza! (Step into 2nd Grade with Mrs. Lemons)