They are not you. 'Your art matters Peyton, it's what got me here.' Awhh Lucas and Peyton on One Tree Hill, classic lines!

Wallpaper and background photos of Peyton's Art for fans of Peyton Sawyer's Art images.

One Tree Hill Peyton Sawyer

I wish there are more shows like one tree hill. A show that has a certain amount of respect and appreciation for love and art and literature and music. One tree hill was one of a kind. And my heart broke when it ended.

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ONE TREE HILL,i really felt with peyton right here because its a hard thing to live with pride and give up on so many opportunities and relationships only or the meer fact of the possibility of dissapointment, although it makes sense at the tie, we, the ones with pride, will always look back & wondr if we were wrong

Hilarie Burton (Peyton Sawyer-Scott) - One Tree Hill

15 Artistic TV Characters We Miss From Our Childhood | 11. Peyton Sawyer | TV Show: One Tree Hill | Peyton Sawyer from One Tree Hill is not an artist you want to fuck with. Break up with Peyton, and you can count on her dedicating a few pages in her sketchbook to you. Overlooking the fact that most of her art depicts the angst-filled days of high school, Peyton's drawings were actually kind of impressive.

15 Artistic TV Characters We Miss From Our Childhood11. Peyton Sawyer

I've never seen one episode of One Tree Hill in my entire life. However, this quote? SO TRUE. So me. To my core. I'm a lyric person.

There are two types of people - music people and lyric people. I'm a lyric kinda of girl. :) peyton sawyer - one tree hill quote

Sometimes all you need is one...Peyton Sawyer, One Tree Hill

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