Awesome Box Braids Hairstyles: Pink Tree Box Braids

35 Awesome Box Braids Hairstyles You Simply Must Try

Pastel Pink Box Braids. Instagram / braidsgang

50 Box Braids Hairstyles That Turn Heads

Give your natural hair a month break with box braids. Box braids are the number one protective style that will not only protect your natural hair, but also extend it.

Pastel pink box braids

Popofcolor++ Recently got these braids thanks to making me feel really confident! I hated them the first day but I quickly got over it and fell in love with these badass braids.

Long, Pink Ombre Box Braids

51 Hot Poetic Justice Braids Styles

Box braids or "Poetic Justice" braids, have continued to become a vibrant and popular hair statement. Check out our list of 35 Poetic Justice Braids Styles!

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