Brindle Boxer Pit Bull mix ♡

Brindle Boxer Pit Bull mix ♡ Zoey probably looked exactly like this before we got her haha.

pitbull lab mix images | Mojo the dog. Hes a Black Lab Pit Bull mix.

This looks exactly like my dog Ramsey. He's a pitbull/ black lab. I live in a old farm house with three horses, two cats and a bunny.

Pit Bull Terrier Mix Puppy for adoption in Joliet, Illinois - Tia

Before you call a Pit Bull Terrier puppy breeder in Joliet, IL. Meet Tia who was adopted in Joliet, IL.

Mastiff Pitbull Mix | Boxer/Mastiff/Pit Bull – Tawny | Mid-America Bully Breed Rescue

Bulldog, Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix, I think this is what my Tilly must be, but she has more of the Ridgeback face and only a partial 'ridgeback' marking down her back.

:: Myths About Pitbulls :: Our LabStaff was such an angel - I would have her mix again if I could. Am definitely considering a rescue pitbull... one's at the county no-kill shelter now, though I find it difficult to look at her cropped ears.

Myths About Pitbulls

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