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That's why bulbasaur will forever be my favorite starter and basically fav pokemon of all time!<<< favourite starter only!

fave team rocket trio things [source: wendycorduroy.tumblr.com] - YEEEES! All of this ^^^^^

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Team Rocket is basically perfect. New idea: Pokémon anime but just team rocket instead of ash

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Someone needs to get this to Lockstin and BirdKeeperToby for their ultimate Pokémon reset theory

Go, and Become the Champion!!

Go, and Become the Champion!!

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Funny pictures about Dugtrio vs. Oh, and cool pics about Dugtrio vs. Also, Dugtrio vs.

19 Pokemon Observations From Tumblr That Change Everything - brainjet.com

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Heck no, if I ever get an Eevee, I will love it no matter what it evolves into.

Why did he allowed Eevee to evolve if it knew a Fairy-Type move (since Eevee can only evolve into Sylveon with love AND while knowing a Fairy-Type move)?