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"There's something out there waiting for us, and it ain't no man. We're all gonna die." The Predator poster by David Benzal

Predator (1987) - A team of commandos on a mission in a Central American jungle find themselves hunted by an extra-terrestrial warrior. In my opinion this is the king of Arnold movies, Star studded cast and high tech special effects of its day equal one of the best sci-fi action movies of all time.. ...

Predator (1987)

Predator is a 1987 American science fiction action film directed by John McTiernan, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Weathers, Jesse Ventura, and Kevin Peter Hall. It was distributed by Century Fox.

AVP: Alien vs. Predator (2004)

AVP: Alien vs. Predator (2004)

Predator Movie Splatter - Stewart Wood

"We found them sometimes without their skins. and sometimes much, much worse. "El cazador trofeo de los hombres" means the demon who makes trophies of men." The Predator 'Splatter' artwork by Digital Heavens - The art of Stewart Wood

A silhouette of the berserker predator,Mr. Black.

This collection includes more than 40 freaky designs for horror movie posters to inspire you.

Predator by Candykiller

Candykiller Asks “Who Is Hunting Who?” With His New “Predator” Print – Poster Posse

Predator 2 (1990) R -  Amidst a territorial gang war in 1997, a sophisticated alien hunter stalks the citizens of Los Angeles and the only man between him and his prey is veteran L.A.P.D. officer, Lieutenant Mike Harrigan.  -    Director: Stephen Hopkins  -   Writers: Jim Thomas (characters), John Thomas (characters)   -    Stars: Danny Glover, Gary Busey, Kevin Peter Hall  -    ACTION / HORROR / SCI-FI

Predator 2 (1990)

Official theatrical movie poster ( of for Predator 2 Directed by Stephen Hopkins.