@Robindanae !!!!! I love you and I'm buying you one for after baby. Wish these were around when I had my boys

10 Best Postpartum Girdles in 2017 - A Complete Buying Guide

Recently given birth to a baby? Looking for something to support your belly to get back into pre-pregnancy shape? If yes, here are 15 post pregnancy girdles

Kinesio Taping in pregnancy Omg why didn't I think if this!! Maybe next time!

Kinesiology KT tape for pregnant belly You ever seen that brightly colored, flashy looking tape that athletes normally wear while playing sports? What if I were to tell you that this very tape can help relieve many of your pregnancy discom

cozy mornings with my baby

Beautiful bump it brings back so many memories. The pillow cases look too. Thank you for the pictures share

16 Pregnancy Hacks That Are Sheer Genius - This'll come in handy in the future

16 Brilliant Hacks That Will Make Your Pregnancy A Breeze

16 Brilliant Hacks That Will Make Your Pregnancy A Breeze - notes for the future!

Best early pregnancy fashion tip ever from my work friend. Skip the belly band and use a hair tie. Photo by @ saltspoon

If you don't want to invest in a belly band I highly recommend trying this little trick! I was able to wear my pre pregnancy jeans until my final trimester!