Having a theme for your dorm can make shopping a lot easier. Coordinating your decor with your roommate allows the space to feel more like a bedroom and less like a dorm! Integrating similar decor around the room is often associated with preppy style, but...

18 Amazing Coordinating Dorm Room Ideas

Having a theme for you and your roommate can make shopping a lot easier and set a really good vibe for your dorm. Here are the top coordinating dorm room ideas!

Do you need inspiration for decorating your dorm room at Mississippi State? Well, look no further! All of the inspiration you need is right here and I have pictures to prove it. Hopefully you can get some ideas off of these dorm rooms! In no particular...

20 Mississippi State Dorm Rooms That Will Inspire You

Replace picnic cloth with burlap, change curtains and make monogram into a Tennessee decoration. And bam - Rooms Inn The House

Palm tree bedding sets for dorm rooms. Black and white palm tree bedroom. Designer, preppy dorm room bedding, Trendy palm tree bedroom. Tropical palm tree dorm room. Palm tree themed dorm room. Designer headboard, custom pillows, exclusive bed scarf, window panels, wall art, bed skirts, twin/queen/king duvet and custom monogramming!! Perfect for college, apartment, or teen bedding!!

Perfectly pretty in PALM Beach. This palm tree leaf fabric is simply spectacular. Stripes, pastel pinks, and Dalmatian prints, the perfect dorm room bedding!

especially the symbol emblem of initials, spray paint a cardboard cutting

Spray paint a cardboard cutout gold for a big statement piece that can be easily held by sticky tack in your room.

History in High Heels Gallery Wall Pink and Navy Preppy Dorm Room | www.prepavenue.com

History in High Heels Gallery Wall

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You can spend endless hours shopping for dorm decor. So, we picked the cutest preppy dorm rooms to copy with stripes, florals, and ofcourse, Lily patterns!