Father Begone Catholic Priest Repellent Spray...might actually come in handy.

Father Begone Priest Repellant Spray Joke Advert - Now thwart even the most bothersome priests with the scent of a woman - Available in all good pharmacists

Joke about priest, rabbi, and yogi in a bar....1 of 15>...

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Trial: Priest joked about abusing 3 boys in week

Trial: Priest joked about abusing 3 boys in week

High-Ranking Priest in Philadelphia Faces Years in Jail for Protecting Pedophile Priest

read all the way through, its worth it!! so funny!!

Didn’t see that one coming…

Funny pictures about Confession. Oh, and cool pics about Confession. Also, Confession.

Priest joke

Priest joke

Funny Drink Driving Irish Priest Joke | Funny Joke Pictures

Funny short joke: "Father Murphy," said the policeman, pointing at the empty bottle on the priest's car passenger seat. "Have you been driving under the influence?

Drunk Irish Priest Joke

According to the data, released by the DVLA, there are dangerous drivers around the UK's highways- but how many live near you?

Funny Priest Joke  Cartoon

Funny religious joke about three Catholic priests deciding how to allocate the week's donations.

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6 Lessons In Management That Everyone Should Know. Fact Check Lesson 2 - Matthew and Luke Moral of the Story - When You Are With a NUN You Better Know Your Bible!

OMG These are too much. Hannibal funnies....Do you understand yet Will??? LOL

"The Lord is testing me." <-- I just got the mental image of Hannibal giving a confessional. The priest sitting next to him fainted.