primula auricula

A collection of more than 800 Primula auricula culitvars including a National Collection® of Border auriculas.

04-22-2016 white Primula auricula 'Bellamy's Pride' in terra cotta pot.

A garden picture of Primula auricula (Auricula), Border auricula - simple but nice white auricula.

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"Beautiful, old-fashioned and wonderful as a pot, garden plant or cut flower. Polyanthus 'Gold Lace' lasts nearly two weeks once cut and I use this Polyanthus as an edible flower, scattered over jewelled rice or couscous.It’s the texture of polyanthus, as

~Auricula Primrose 'Limelight'. Primula auricula. 6-8" tall. Blooms in April.

Auricula Primrose 'Limelight,' Primula auricular, inches tall, blooms in April

Primula auricula Dilly Dilly

Susie was inspired by the potted single Auricula to make her embroidered cushions and hand painted pottery

Primula auricula Ashwood alpine strain Crimson Shades - Online Shop - Ashwood Nurseries

Primula auricula Ashwood alpine strain Crimson Shades - Online Shop - Ashwood Nurseries Lots of different varieties of Primula.some are only a few inches high while other varieties are taller, like the poker primrose shown next to this on on the board.

Auricula Stand with Terracotta Pots

Terracotta Pots

auricula stand that will rust beautifully with age. - fill with pots that you've brushed with yoghurt to encourage them to age too. Pots are available from the same company.

Primula auricula Helen Barter

More sunshine this morning and Primula auricula Helen Barter is flowering in the cold frame. Rich took this gorgeous photo. I love the purple and green and the way the light shines through the flo.

Another beautiful primrose variety, Primula auricula "Dilly Dilly"

More like pets than flowers

They may need lots of attention but auriculas are well worth the effort, says Mary Keen.

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Primula art print flower art print Vintage botanical art print nature art print poster antique wall art flowers old prints Garden Wall Art | 120521_487_Primula auricula 'Kimber Boy'.jpg | Primula auricula 'Kimber Boy', late May.

I love primula's, they always look so bright & happy in the winter weather Nic xxx - Hoa Anh thảo tai gấu - Tên khoa học: Primula auricula, họ Primulaceae Anh thảo, bộ Ericales Thạch Nam.

Primula auricula ‘Pinwheel'

PlantFiles Pictures: Auricula Primrose, Mountain Cowslip, Bear's Ears 'Pinwheel' (Primula auricula) by AnniesAnnuals