Princess Margaret when she was at the height of her beauty ~ She always struck me as a very lovely young woman. I just love her large, piercing blue eyes, dazzling smile & beautiful coloring. She was very elegant/glamorous. No wonder she was a fashionable figure during the 1950s & was always named as 1 of the best-dressed women. This beautiful princess is indeed the embodiment of elegance/charm. It's just kind of sad that she spent the last days of her life in isolation/loneliness.

Princess Margaret has always struck me as a very lovely young woman. I just love her large, piercing blue eyes, her dazzling smile, and her.

Princess Margaret photographed for her 21st birthday by celebrated photographer Cecil Beaton.

A very contrary Princess - why did the charming Margaret turn into the most unpopular royal?


Princess Margaret: Royal Crush

Princess Margaret Rose Windsor (official title: Her Royal Highness The Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon) - sister of Queen Elizabeth II and daughter of King George VI - Photo by Cecil Beaton

Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon with their children, David and Sarah, at Kensington Palace, 1965

Excerpt: The Princess and the Photographer

Cecile Beaton's portrait of Princess Margaret wearing Dior in 1955

Why sixty years ago, high society fell in love with Dior

Princess Margaret, sister of Queen Elizabeth II, on her birthday photographed by Cecil Beaton. Princess Margaret wore a custom couture ball gown designed by Christian Dior.

Queen Elizabeth (The Queen Mother) with her daughters, Princess Elizabeth (Queen Elizabeth II) and Princess Margaret

Princess Margaret, Princess Elizabeth, & the Queen Mother. Love this picture for Queen Mother with Princess Margaret with Princess Elizabeth(Queen Elizabeth II).

Princess Margaret poses in all her finery at the royal residence of Kensington Palac in 19...

The photographic legacy Lord Snowdon leaves as he passes away

Princess Margaret and Dior’s 1947 New Look collection

Royal Wedding City TV: Princess Margaret (over her right shoulder, Countess Mountbatten). Photo by Keystone Press.