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6 Fun and Creative Baby Shower Games

There are tons of baby shower games out there to choose from. Below is a list of creative baby shower games we think you and your guests will really enjoy.

Pregnancy Announcement Halloween Pregnancy Baby by CLaceyDesign, $15.00

Halloween Pregnancy Announcement Pumpkin Baby Little Pumpkin Pregnancy Reveal Baby Reveal Halloween Baby Baby Announcement Pumpkin pregnancy

This is probably the coolest Halloween baby announcement ever! An unknown couple made a cute x-ray-like pumpkin carving that shows their little baby. It immediately went viral on reddit

Creative Halloween Baby Announcement

Pregnancy is important, as is announcing it to your friends. Well, these folks decided that, as everything else in life, their pregnancy announcements should be made with style.

'Tis the season for pumpkin baby announcements

See 13 cute Halloween pregnancy announcements, and one that's scary