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This hand quilled snowflake is made from paper quilling strips which are cm) wide in shades of red and white. It is accented with silver (Diy Ornaments Glitter)

Royal Highness Font by Eric Vasquez, via Behance

Pretty alphabet for single letter crafts. I don't think I'd use this in graphic design because it could distract from the message.

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Free Quilling Patterns Online

Art Lesson - Quilling (Quilling shapes by Peg .) My cousin and I started the art lesson off at Michaels taking as.

Free Quilling Patterns Online | Vector of 'illustration pattern ...

Doodle Love pattern for painting on rocks and stones - even better if I have a heart-shaped rock. Printables for quilling

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Todas las claves para hacer filigranas

Paisley is a great quilling inspiration!  I need to blend it with floral designs in monograms!

Either as quilting or embroidery. The skill in these are incredible. THe paisley butterfly is definitely something I could use on a box. Paisley line drawings

Paper Quilling Scrolls Practice Printable Worksheet | Learn how to make all the most common paper quilling scrolls with this free printable.

Paper Quilling Scrolls Practice Printable Worksheet

Learn the names and designs of paper quilling scroll types and then practice quilling them with this Paper Quilling Scrolls Practice Printable Worksheet. You can get this free printable detailing these scrolls, print it out, and practice scrolling.