@Kindra Wilson...Thinking we both feel this way right about now....

Why don't I give up on the idea? I was feeling so hopeful today until. You never know people.

I was on my way out the door when you let your sister talk you into involving the courts. You will learn one day that it's better to go it alone, rather than involving family in your marital affairs... Listen to our children, then listen to your heart, and make your own decisions about what is best for our children... All I ask is that you not punish me forever... Despite what you may feel, I'm human, too... I can help, if you allow me...

Strong people Strong people will automatically stop trying if they feel unwanted. They won& fix it or beg. They will just walk away.

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When love is real, it doesn't lie, cheat, pretend, hurt you or make you feel unwanted. It's supposed to be a cure to all your worries. #lovequotes

5 Keys to Making Him Want You And Only You

” When love is real, it doesn’t lie, cheat, pretend, hurt you or make you feel unwanted. It’s supposed to be a cure to all your worries ” you don't have to pretend to be somebody else

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Mother Teresa quotes - Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty.