Inside Pigeon Nest. Pigeon Nest; Pigeon need a comfortable place to live. Pigeon nest need good ventilation. Without sun and fresh air the baby pigeons can get different diseases. In my opinion, I don’t like to keep any animals or pet inside a small case or box. In the city it’s almost impossible raising pigeon case free but please makes for them a comfortable and safe place….

Pigeon is the most wonderful colorful domestic bird. The variety of domestic pigeons called by the name of Homing pigeons.

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Racing Pigeons I've come up with a plan for an expansion on my pigeon loft. This pigeon loft design should give me room to do whatever I want in the future.

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My Pigeon Keeping and Racing Notes: Small Coop Loft Plans and Designs

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how can i make a nesting box? btw,my pigeons r in a medium-size cage.

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Simple pigeon lofts Perches, use screws to assemble them. I would stagger the height of each row so each pigeon is not head to head beside each other in each left to right row, they will enjoy their peach much more if you do this!

Necessary elements of a champion pigeon racing loft.

Necessary elements of a champion pigeon racing loft. Traps For those fanciers that intend to allow their birds to fly outside, traps or bobs are a must. No loft

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- The roof just has 4 or 5 coats of very tough paint on it for now. I do have some tin that I might use for the roof but I think the paint will work. It was porch floor paint or something like that.